Thursday, March 10, 2005

Welcome MMTT Thought Leaders

As a knowledgeable growth agent in the media industry you are being cordially invited to join this Think Tank discussion on emerging opportunities in the media industry. The intent of this think tank is to test your forecasting skills as well as to foster innovation and perhaps the awakening of the entrepreneur inside of you. All that is asked in return is your commitment to leverage your knowledge and experience with the media industry to brainstorm, innovate, research, and envision the future of media.

Note that there is already a burgeoning community of media industry research firms that blog, publish research, consult, conduct industry conferences, or do all of the above towards a similar goal of this group. We are also challenged as to how to rise above the other offerings and distinguish ourselves as a compelling entity. Consider the following quote:

Wise men don’t need advice. Fools won’t take it.
-Benjamin Franklin

The media industry could be considered to be full of fools or full of wise people seeking strategic tools to help them substantiate what they believe will be industry game changing innovations. We are challenging you to consider applying your knowledge of the fundamental principles of the media business to the development of what traditionally would have been called a consultancy, but we are calling it an action practice or media lab. This think tank will position itself strategically in front of media industry decision makers as a partner in testing, developing, and executing on concepts that are forward thinking and/or that leverage emerging technologies.

With that in mind, welcome to the Media Mafia Think Tank!