Wednesday, May 11, 2005

USA Today article looking ahead at the Net and Entertainment

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USA Today article: What's ahead for Net, digital entertainment

Synopsis: USA Today assembled a panel of representatives from various facets of media to go through a Q & A on the topic of media everywhere created by anyone. Because technology has enabled anyone to create content / media, what impact will that have (and has already had) on big business, small business, the consumer and everything in between? Additionally the panel discusses a phrase that has recently been coined called "long-tail" to which there is a definition included in the article, and to which I think has a lot of merit in terms of assessing how to break-out from under the overwhelming amount of media already available and provide something compelling for a well-defined and high profile niche audience.

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NMThoughtLeader said...

More on long-tail of media:

The niche media offerings can now almost rival what the mass-market can offer because of what technology has enabled. For instance, all of us that like the classic house / disco music but have a hard time trying to find it could be readily catered to by a long-tail media provider, who could run a good business just catering to that niche market.