Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Blair Witch project meets I Am Legend = Cloverfield

M-Squared T-Squared takes a dive off the deep end with today’s post and explores the advances of digital media in the production of what could be a true blockbuster movie event in 2008. The name of the movie is Cloverfield and as the title implies the story is one that is easily compared to the box-office record setting I Am Legend, and the now classic “The Blair Witch Project”.

What is most relevant to us is the fact that this is a movie which plays on the low barriers to entry of movie making which have been able through the advances of digital media and technology.

To get a sense of what the movie is all about, and to validate our claim, tip toe through the cloverfield via this trailer…..

Now, that you’re back what did you think? Will you go see this film which is clearly targeted to the same audience which is glued to their digital device screens as much as they are to the edge of their seats during a thrilling movie experience?
The Media Mafia wants to know…..!

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Digital Media Mobster said...

And by the way. This film is from former 'Alias' creator JJ Abrams. Alias was one of my all time favorite TV shows.