Thursday, July 16, 2009

King of Hip Hop Expands Digital Strategy with Tricked Out D.O.A. Video

Just when you thought the game had been fully revolutionized, Jay-Z returns with partner to blaze a new trail in interactive video capabilities. You might remember when you heard that Jay-Z and LiveNation, the concert, ticketing and promotion firm, formed a multi-tiered partnership. Now Jay-Z collides with the wide world of web video, along with partner, introducing a ground-breaking method of interacting with and further monetizing web video.

A quick visit to Jigga’s online base for all things Roc-a, won’t immediately lead you to the candy, but I’ve got your direct link here to the D.O.A. video tricked out with a lot of Klickable action. This appears to be a strong sign that a more in depth strategy is on the horizon for the Roc4Life site.

Your first reaction might be, yes I’ve seen videos with advertising overlays that allow me to click through to a landing page like I would be able to on any other rich media or display unit, that’s nothing new. That’s not what this capability delivers. Imagine MTV Pop-up videos meets interactivity and the web. Klickable’s technology is touted as being very simple and allows a user to take a video they’ve produced and designate interactive regions associated with the video, and then publish. is a bootstrapped startup in New York who’s CEO and founder was recently interviewed on In the interview, Roger Wu expands on the simplicity of the solution and the key differentiators which I think really make this a remarkable new offering. In fact, I took the liberty of summarizing for your from Roger’s interview, the top three most beneficial points that distinguish Klickable from other similar product offerings. They are in order of importance:

1. The technology is truly really simple and does not impact the original video in anyway; meaning you don’t have to re-edit your video to use Klickable.

2. The decision to interact with the video is purely up to the user. Nothing is forced on them like a typical ad. Mousing over the video or a publisher’s call out that the video is interactive (a la Jay-Z) are the only hints a user will get. Therefore, it is all about the user’s choice and can be a non-invasive experience.

3. You can designate any area of the video to integrate an interaction.

The bonus and most important benefit from a monetization standpoint is that the interactions can actually be ads. They could be ads that can be sold at a premium because the creative publisher can make them highly contextual and they are all user-initiated.

So as you join Jay-Z to celebrate the “Death-of-Autotune”, and learn more facts than you would have ever imagined about the actual video, including cameo appearances, product placements and other key facts, take the Klickable solution along for a ride from a user perspective then ask yourself where has this tool been all of your video publishing life?

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