Monday, January 03, 2011

Over The Top TV becomes reality in 2011

For Christmas, my Dad gave me a Roku box because I was talking to him about the eminent paradigm shift I see coming in how not only my household, but households around the country will begin consuming video. On a side note, I might have opted for a Boxee box, but I am going to be content connecting my wireless HD Roku to my home LAN for now.

One source -, lays out a strong case for why the predictionn of OTT Video usurping traditional premium TV models has a high probability of being true...

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Jay Krall said...

Kevin, how close do you think Roku is to becoming a truly viable alternative to cable for most households? I feel like Netflix, Amazon Video and others will have to make a lot more new releases available for instant streaming to have a shot at cutting this country's coaxial umbilical cord.