Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Media Mafia is Back for Fall 2007!

Ready with our digital media thinking caps back on, the Media Mafia Think Tank is back after a long hiatus striving for a bigger and better slice of the digital media pie.
We have a lot more to discuss than we did more than two years ago, and we are ready to get to it and hope that you are too!

We are already adopting this as the early edge of Web 3.0. The era of online video (redux), Ajax, widgets, gadgets and iPhones, social networking platforms and more. We continue to be at an extremely exciting time, and the discussion about the emerging trends we hope will be engaging, insightful, and inspiring calls to action to apply strategy and tactics that leverage the lessons of digital business successes and failures for the benefit of a whole new generation of digital media trailblazers...We Are The Media Mafia!

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