Thursday, November 01, 2007

Net Video this week...Hulu Beta, BestBuy's Mydeo, & launch

Hulu Beta is upon us. Rave reviews prevail. Do you have your Beta account yet? The programmers who revolted against YouTube's disruptive offering are flocking to the Hulu platform in hopes of continuing to control distribution of their content. Is this what consumer's really want? Another BIG media controlled distribution outlet!?! We know content owners are definitely coming out of the wood works, making the proposition of Hulu something to closely watch.

Best Buy launches as a 1.0 entry into user generated video using the Mydeo white label solution, taking the application almost verbatim. The price point is actually mind-numbing. Why they decided to put a $7 price tag for 100 minutes of video, when users can easily and freely create channels on a host of other user generated video destinations, we may never know.

Lastly, a great independent effort at Flow is a music podcasting site that features live music performances from hot New York City venues as well as music videos submitted by independent artists from all over the world. All the content there is free. They've attempted to create meta data around the videos, audio tracks, artist, and related web news. All the viral options exist as well. When you can't be on the NYC music scene, this could indeed be the next best thing to being there.

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